Tell Mum and Dad I’m Sorry

Do you ever think our parents resent us? Do you think they resent our fire and our hunger?


Open Letter to Suicide

belle ame's reverie

Dear Suicide,

You really seem like all I’ve got left right.

Every minute brings me closer to you. Because I just can’t hold on to this thing that’s supposed to be a life.

I’ve fought your call, I swear I have. But it seems there’s no saving me from you.

Perhaps you’re all I’ve got left.

I fear for the pain I’ll feel, even more for the pain I’ll cause.

I’m sure someone out there loves me. Is that love enough to save me from you?

I should get some help, but it seems the only way is to fall into your embrace.

Maybe you’re the only place I can ever find peace.

With you at least, all the thinking will stop.

There’ll be no need to worry, about tomorrow, or going outside. The dark thoughts will have no place to live with blown out brains.

The heartache, no place…

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