Okay.. so this blog is like 2 years late but my opinions are always relevant so enjoy:

You ever hear the expression life began in high school? maybe because life will always be like high school.

Channing Tatum(yummy) and Jonah Hill (lmao) star as two cops who go undercover at a high school in order to stop a drug ring. sound familiar? maybe because the movie is based on a TV show.

[SIDE BAR: Don’t you just miss the days when movie ideas came spewing out of a directors head as opposed to a fourteen year old girl’s bookshelf?]

Most remakes/reboots (particularly in the horror franchise) are usually ridiculously cheddar cheesy but this movie manages to avoid that curse all thanks to writer Michael Bacall(he’s the crazy dude that project x’d your ass..shout out).

So how did Tatum and Hill become such charming buddies? funny enough the two hated each other in high school with Tatum being the ultimate alpha male jock and Hill being..I cant even say it. a slim shady impersonator(see what I did there. If not, buy the freaking album). flash-forward and the two end up becoming partners with Hill’s brain and Tatum’s brawn.

The two enter the high school, expecting things to go back just the way things were but oh how the table have turned. Tatum finds himself at the bottom of the totem pole where as Hill is now Mr Popular(Tatum shifts blame to GLEE.. They really screwed with the high school system though) and the rest is absolute hilarity.

The movie is packed with comedy and car chases that take time to make fun of the classic elements of the ultimate car chase. this reboot is definitely one for the ages.



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