Well this is long overdue.. hey, don’t judge me okay. I’ve been digesting this movie until I was ready to blog. just kidding. I only watched it yesterday and I was feeling typie today so here goes;

Michael Bay is well known for being the guy that loves to blow sh!t up in his movies. Well maybe he should’ve just blown my brains out because that is what I wanted to do while watching this movie. as a fan of the first movie(don’t even get me started of ‘the falling are revenging’ and ‘the moon is dark and the sun is setting’ or whatever it’s called) I expected more and what did I get? ugh

lets start with the humanoids; Broke inventor dad tries to fix machinery whilst trying to stay afloat in a failing economy and pay for his daughters college tuition. Mark Wahlberg is literally the only actor in the world that can pull off the ‘I’m an everyday Dave but I can still kick your ass’ look. like seriously. if this guy had to do a role where he was a school teacher by day and crime fighter by night, I’d bootleg and PVR that sh!t cause you know he’ll pull it off well. you’d think he’d be more concerned with buying his co-star some acting lessons and a pair of jeans. Nicola Peltz. I just have one question; DOES SHE ONLY HAVE ONE FACIAL EXPRESSION?!?! Oh I’m scared. oh I’m angry. oh I love my leprechaun boyfriend. oh I hate my alien-fighting dad. you’d think with so many thoughts going through her head, she’d come up with something better than her pretty mouth imitating the letter ‘o’.

Now lets start with the real heroes shall we. where do the giant talking alien cars fit into all this? it’s been five years since the battle of Chicago where millions of humans lost their lives. the Autobots(the goodies) versus the Decepticons (the bad baddies). following the battle, humans are some what pissed(which is understandable I mean 5 million is a lot) so they are secretly hunting down Autobots(oh the despair!) and their evil plan? to build machines of their own and conquer the world(mwahahahaha..too much? so is this movie) waaaaait a second..is it just me or does this sound strangely similar..mmh

Plus side, all though Sam Witwicky is gone(sadly, bumblebee did look a little emo), he did take his eye-candy with him. although if we’re going to be stuck with Nicole, I’ll take Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s model/actress thing anyway. I’m not saying that Megan Fox is a horrible actress but lets just say, she would have fit in great in this film.

Considering that the movie made a whopping $1,005,326,510 as opposed to it’s $210 million budget(remember that budget-wise TROY was a flop so don’t take these numbers personally) it’s safe to say that we will be introduced to at least 2 more movies in the series. fingers crossed that there’s less blowing up and more actual acting.

So if you’re into soul-sucking, excrutiately boring, random exploding movies; see Transformers Age of Extinction..



4 thoughts on “Transformers: Age of Extinction

  1. What the ? I mean its the worst in its franchise but 3? Like seriously ? 3 out of 10 ? Optimus Prime’s kicked ass.. and …and Sensei ? I mean the dude was a freaking ninja !! A freaking ninja that blows shit up ! Not to mention how poetic he was. Like a reincarnation of Shakespeare, how can you give the movie a 3 ?


      • Wickidy lol and Simmons should have been there. Transformers isn’t the same without them. Maybe that’s why it was a suckish movie. Its like The Fast and the Furious without the cars, Captain America without Steve Rogers, Batman without Bruce Wyne, Ironman without Tony Stark, Superman without Clark Kent, The Matrix without Mopheus, StarTrek without Kirk, Southpark without Cartman …I forgot the point that i wanted to put across but you get it …


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