Dawn of Planet of the Apes Great… a sequel to a remake… a remake that totally sucked right? WRONG… Rise Of Planet Of The Apes was so amazing that it made me want to watch the original because only something great could have inspired something amazing and thankfully, Dawn of Planet of The Apes is no exception with angry as hell apes that will make you wonder just how well your local zoo treats their residents.

The movie is set ten years following its predecessor and the Caesar and his friends have certainly gotten better with age. Their English is almost as good as mine (and better than most of your lecturers…#HELLO!) I have mad love for the apes but as for the actors…Not so much. Matt Reeves (I blame him for all these movies shot from the perspective of a handheld but he gave me Cloverfield so I’m cool) takes the directing hat off Rupert Wyatt and his view sees the genetically advanced apes living in their own world outside San Francisco following James Franco’s simian virus but the effect wasn’t so great on the human population and they slowly begin to die out (Nice one Franco). The apes are led by the one and only Caesar (Andy Serkis…#precious). But the good times do not last… Cue the humans (BOO!) who show up needing to work in the woods in order to rebuild their lives and once ing the order of things (why do we always do that?!).

The movie has an inevitable battle that will have you needing to pee with excitement (too much?). It’s also cool to see Caesar’s internal moral dilemma as he fights over his loyalty to the apses he swore to protect as opposed to saving a species that will one day intend to destroy his own. I really enjoyed this movie and it’ll leave you thinking that maybe at the end of the day, humans are worse than animals…Or pigs (#animalfarm)



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