She didn’t notice it at first.
She didn’t know that she was creating a monster.
She refused to be weak,
she refused to have tears roll down her cheek.
So she ran away from it,
she didn’t want to face it.
She thought it was gone but it wasn’t.
It stayed behind her.
Each time she ran, it grew.
Each time she shrugged things off, it fed.
The more she ran, the hungrier it got.
She didn’t know why but something felt off.
The light seemed to dim and the silence was preferred over the laughter.
That’s when she decided to turn around.
That’s when she saw it, the darkness.
Every tear she had refused to cry and every ounce of pain she had refused to face had found its way back to her.
The darkness spread through her veins and clouded the light in her eyes.
It slowly eased itself into the cracks of her heart.
Before she knew it, it had completely engulfed her and merely left her the shadow of the soul she once was…


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