She wonders the street with an empty soul.
Looking for the pieces she gave away.
The heart in her hands used to be whole,
But each took a piece and never let go.
Her eyes have gone dry from each tear shed,
Now all that are left are the tracks on her cheeks.
She has no voice thanks to the constant repetitions of ‘I love you too’ which quickly turned into screams of ‘why did you hurt me’.
They see her innocence, they see her love. They see a fallen angel in disguise.
Like thieves in the night, they came in and each took a piece of her heart, leaving her longing for something to fill her soul.
She comes to the edge of a river and looks down at her reflection.
She falls to her knees when she realises it’s a river of the tears she’s shed.
She then notices a light in her once ever sparkling eyes and says ‘no more’.
No more tears will be shed, no more pieces of her heart will be lost.
She cradles the fragile object in her arms and makes a vow.
She makes a vow to wipe the tracks off her cheek,
She makes a vow to empty her river of tears.
She makes a vow to rebuild her heart.
Rebuild her heart through friendship,
Rebuild her heart through God’s love.
She’ll make her heart whole.
She’ll make it whole and give it to her prince.
He’ll put her heart in a safe place and make promises she’s heard before.
But this time, he’ll give her his own and she’ll make a vow to treat it as her own…


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