Living in a world where no one gets you.
No one understands your point of view or where you’re coming from. They sense your difference.
They feel and see that you’re not like them.
You don’t belong in their world.
And they hate you for it.
They don’t like it.
They don’t want things to be different.
They want everything and everyone to be the same.
Following the same trends,
Listening to the same music.
Cos to them it makes sense.
Then you come with your difference and f!ck up their world.
Oh no, they hate that.
Don’t expect them to take that lying down.
It’s their world after all and they’re going to rid it of anyone who defies them.
And you know how?
By shaming you.
They’ll make sure you realise you are different.
Make you wonder why you’re not like them.
Make you want to fix yourself.
But in the end, you can’t fix yourself.
You know it’s impossible.
You know you’re never going to change.
And that’s when the self-loathing begins.
You ask yourself why you can’t be like them.
What’s so f!cking wrong with you that you can’t conform.
And that’s when it hits you.
You’re not meant to be like them.
You weren’t born to follow.
They have no say.
F!ck them and anyone who’s scared of change.
Of individuality.
They can take their perfect world and choke on it.
You were born this way and it’s forever how you’ll stay.


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