She chanced a glance back as she ran for her life.
Stupid mistake.
She let out a soft gasp as her small fragile body tumbled to the ground.
She lay there, listening to the wind whispering to the birds as tears stung her once lively eyes.
But with a sigh, she was on her feet quicker than an eager infant learning how to walk.
Running away wasn’t her only option, it couldn’t be.
It was just a choice she’d made and now she was making another one.
She looked around for her ticket out of the joke she called her life and spotted it.
Walking as cautiously as an old woman crossing the street, she approached the edge of the cliff.
Tears rolled down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away. This was the only way..couldn’t her emotions grasp that?
With another sigh, she flung her arms apart and an unexpected smile appeared on her face as she flung off the cliff and onto her flight to freedom…


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