She cries in the darkness,
Hoping for the pain to leave.
It stays, it remains.
She is the mother and it is the child.
It refuses to let go.
That’s when she sees it. It’s
sharp point is shining so brightly.
If only her smile could be that bright.
She picks it up and ponders.
What to do?
Her tears give her a heartfelt answer.
Once the pressure is applied, she feels a sting.
But not a sting in her heart.
It feels good to have her heart pump and not at pain’s pace.
So she continues.
She looks at her reflection in the scarlet pool.
She’s not crying.
Is it a mirage?
She’s smiling.
She tightens her grip on the blade and kisses it.
She displays her love.
She displays her love for the one thing that eliminated her pain.


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