Spring is officially here and that means so much colour that you’ll swear off smarties forever. Following the spring break, boots have been put aside and skirts have been reintroduced to society. Suffice to say the result is amazing which leads us to my look of the week.

Colour is a funny thing. Not everyone can wear bright clothes as the last thing you want to do is to come off as the poster child for tellitubies. Here we have…I forgot her name but it’s fine, she’s my look of the week so she’ll forgive me.  Fashion Week has taken over this week so I’ve been keeping my eye out for fashion faux pas amongst other things. But despite the rollercoaster that is my self esteem, I’m not going to rain on someone’s fashion parade but I will give credit where it’s due.

Now I’m no weavologist but if the wind blows and your eyebrows move more than that thing on your head then maybe you should bury it before it comes back to life. Luckily Ms. Bright-Thang here does not have that problem as her hair sits and blows perfectly on her head and it suits her skin tone. You ever see dark-skinned girls rocking blonde and looking like Duracell batteries to the point where you want to put them in your back pocket just in case your remote starts acting up when you get home?

No one has perfect skin. It’s may be too oily, blotchy, sensitive, dry or whatever else the case may be. Regardless, just like one’s body you work with what you have. Your skin and choice of colour needs to be taken into account when adding to your wardrobe. It’s spring, you want to be as bright as the flowers but if your skin is on the dark side of things, the last thing you want is to be walking around like you’re a shadow wrapped in Christmas lights. Ms. Bright-Thang has the perfect skin to go with her bright dress and her make-up isn’t too much or too little. I personally wouldn’t have worn the necklace as I feel that the dress has enough bling to tip off airport security but regardless, the look still works.

The dress incorporates turquoise, pink and yellow in the perfect way. The jewels below her bust are the perfect statement just in case you’d like to go sans jewellery when out and about in this outfit. Greatly paired with black pumps as the last thing one would want is to add too much colour to an outfit.

So what have we learnt?
1. Contrast bright colours and your skin tone.
2. Careful with statement jewellery when wearing a bedazzled outfit.
3. Black or nude shoes paired with bright outfits.
4. Try to have a wind-blowable hair piece.




5. Smile, it’s spring.


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