Martin Scorsese is arguably one of the greatest directors of all time with films such as Casino (1995), Raging Bull (1980), and my two personal favourites The Departed (2006) and Cape Fear (1991) under his belt. Him and Titanic’s most memorable victim, Leonardo DiCaprio have a bond that cannot be broken and they once again bring this magic to the big screen with their fifth film together; The Wolf of Wall Street.

Like Casino, Scorsese once again depicts how money runs the world. The film is based on the autobiography of Jordan Belfort, a broker who became a millionaire thanks to the shady dealings of penny stocks and spent his fortune in a way that would make rock stars blush. His deeds eventually caught up with him and he went to jail for his crimes. His life is captured in this fast paced, energized film and the pace is non-stop for all three hours which makes you want to take whatever Scorsese is taking once you’re his age .

Belfort narrates the story with the best monologues and Scorsese captures his sinful deeds perfectly with the craziest special effects and ridiculous fantasy scenes.  As soon as the film begins, the audience is catapulted into a world where everything they see seems to be a side effect of a rare form of LSD. DiCaprio gives one of the best performances of his career, and all due respect to Matthew McConaughey but DiCaprio was robbed of that Oscar. He’s funny and ridiculously charismatic in his take of Jordan Belfort as he depicts his rise from broker-trainee to Wall Street swindler.  He’s so charming that you pray that he doesn’t get caught and you even forgive him for his lack of remorse at his deeds and rather shame him for being dumb enough to get caught.

His troops include his sidekick Donnie Azoff played by the insanely funny Jonah Hill. Their shenanigans include office orgies and popping their drug of choice Quaaludes which results in a hilarious scene of a drugged-out DiCaprio behind a wheel of a car. DiCaprio gets the attention of a big breasted supermodel trophy wife Naomi, played by Australian actress Margot Robbie in a role that is bound to propel her to superstardom.  The attention also attracts wannabe stockbrokers yet the flash and cash also draws FBI agents who, despite their awe at Belfort’s lifestyle, still plot to bring his kingdom down.

Despite the length of the film, you get so lost in the fast paced drug-fuelled orgy that is Belfort’s life and by the time the movie is finish, you pray that he hasn’t learnt his lesson and that the wolf will howl once again.



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