One of my best memories has yours truly running around a three-bedroom house being highly entertained by two of my favourite people in the world. My brothers are each a life-stage older than me. Meaning? When I was in finishing pre-school, they were finishing primary. When I was finishing primary, they were finishing high school. When I was… You get the picture.

So what does this have to do with my throwback? Well, I distinctively remember a certain blue and white Backstreet Boys CD titled ‘MILLENIUM’ being a prominent soundtrack in the that three-bedroom house situated in the neighbourhood Chobe that sat in the town Maun of the country Botswana. Okay I digress, this isn’t geography.

There was one song that every time I heard, it just made me feel so nostalgic. Now what was so nostalgic to a six year old? Well one second I’m crawling, then I’m running and now I’m expected to pay attention to a woman who’s telling me how to properly colour in the lines and how boys don’t really have cooties (That is still to be proven).

Point is the song gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside my prepubescent womb and it was all thanks to my brothers as the CD was theirs(let them decide in their advanced ages who actually bought it).

Artist: Backstreet Boys
Song: The One
Album: Millennium
Year : 2000


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