When you think of MARVEL movies your mind races with thoughts of Spiderman and the X Man gang. You probably have no idea who this gang is and you’d rather wait for the real marvel heroes as opposed to this gang of wannabe heroes. Well you’re wrong, get your ass off your latest digital device and get to the cinema now!

Chris Pratt (some will know him as Anna Farris’ husband or as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreations) plays the character of Peter Quill who was abducted into space at the age of nine following his mother’s death. Since then he refers to himself as Starlord (no one else does) while he bounty hunts around the universe for the blue-skinned Yondu played by Michael Rooker. Pratt is perfect in this role whether he’s dancing to his late mom’s cassette player (his only link to Earth) or kicking ass, it’s clear that this movie is a sign that Pratt is officially an A-list movie star.

The plot has Quill collecting a mysterious orb only to have to keep it out of the evil clutches of Ronan who wants to use it for… it’s a marvel movie, take a wild guess. Pratt has unusual help from four misfits, who ironically have more in common with each other than they realise. Zoe Saldana plays a green-skinned assassin by the name of Gamora (She looks good in any skin really) who has a conflict of interest being the adopted daughter of Thanos who happens to be Ronan’s henchman. Then there’s Bradley Cooper… No you don’t see him; you just hear his voice coming out of the body of a talking, gun-wielding raccoon named Rocket and his sidekick who is the sweetest character known to man. Vin Diesel plays a tree… yes… a tree by the name of Groot whose vocabulary consists of three words; I AM GROOT. Best part is only Rocket can understand him.

Following a fight scene that leads to destruction of public property, the four are thrown into jail where they reluctantly team up in an effort to break out of jail and take down Ronan. In there they meet Drax the Destroyer played by wrestling star Dave Bautista who also wants to jump on the kill-Thamos bandwagon. The best part about this is the fact that he is oblivious to every metaphor and idiom makes his interactions with Quill and Rocket highlarious.

The film works because of its dialogue and the way this ragtag group of misfits come together due to the fact that they’ve all suffered loss and do what marvel teams do best; kick ass and save the world.



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