So I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about the now infamous nude leaks of our favourite celebrities due to the hacking of a media cloud? To be quite honest I’ve only seen one picture and it wasn’t exactly something I’ve never seen before.

The first time I got a camera phone, the number of pictures I took with my grin plastered face are too many to mention. I’ll admit, I took pictures of my stomach to see how many crunches I’m away from a slow-motion Baywatch re- enactment yet, my top didn’t go any higher.  Not everyone has achieved the gift of body appreciation to the point where they love every single flaw up to the last stretch mark and blemish but regardless that doesn’t mean you need to flaunt your gifts all over your SD card.

Once you’re in the public eye, everything you’ve done in the past is going to come out and it’s better you plan for it so that you can twist it in your favour and land yourself your own reality show that chronicles you and your large celebrity family…Sorry, I digress. Regardless, you cannot take naked pictures of yourself or make a sex tape and then freak out when it ‘leaks’ online. It’s the 21st century ladies and gentleman; I could order a cappuccino at a STARBUCKS in New York whilst doing a practical computer exam for some Asian kid who has to go back to the factory before master notices.  Do you really think it’ll be that hard to find photographic evidence of your hanky-panky?

Also, I fail to see what the uproar was about when Rihanna and Kim Kardashian’s pictures leaked… I mean we saw what Rihanna was working with when she wore that ‘fashionable’ dress and Kim Kardashian… Let’s just leave it at that.

NB: Little girls that get kicks out of bunking school and having sugar with their daddy’s listen up; if he asks for a naked picture of you and you send it… His whole floor/class/neighbourhood has seen what puberty blessed you with.

So do I have a point or am I just venting to the blogverse in an effort to put my name out there and actually interact with the big names I’ve been dropping? I would never!

I stand by my views; I really did love the dress Rihanna wore but I wish she hadn’t…You get me? It’s one of those things that only a mannequin can pull off…Curse those headless, pale b!tches.

Point; celebrities need to stop victimizing themselves and if they do take nude pictures, please delete those images..Unless of course you have a movie/single/album/perfume/clothing line/nail line/bla bla bla coming out and something needs to be leaked in order for sales to go up.. Well then by all means. But we can’t blame celebrities for all their problems, lets blame technology and those weirdos in their mothers basement’s who are still in their prom suits waiting for their date to come back from the bathroom. It’s been 10 years.. Better go check on her.


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