Everybody loves a sequel. Especially a sequel to a remake and we all loved 21 Jump Street right? Well good because 22 Jump Street is exactly the same movie and everyone knows it, including the cast.

The title refers to the fact that the two protagonist, Schmidt and Jenko, played by Hill and Tatum (Anybody else notice how Tatum put on the weight that Hill lost?) move across the street to continue to take orders from Ice Cube who now has replaced Korean Jesus with Vietnamese Jesus. Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) realises that high schoolers aren’t that blind and sends them to university with the exact same mission as they had in the previous movie and that is shutting down a dealer whose drug Why-Phy led to the death of a student.

So why don’t we mind paying money to see a movie we already have? Because Hill and Tatum are a bumbling duo born to be who have no issue with mocking their Hollywood images (Look out for the post-credit fun if you don’t believe me)

College gives Jenko his rightful place in the popular realm with him becoming a football star whilst engaging in a bromance with Zook played by Wyatt Russell (He has his mother and his father’s hair; Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell). This pushes Schmidt to the side as he just doesn’t fit in with a crowd whose main objective is crowning a prince of beer pong. This rift finds the two in couple’s therapy which will have you feeling very sentimental in the sense that these two will do anything to make their relationship work in the most heterosexual way.

The movie is great fun and the chemistry between Hill and Tatum remains as they continue to show just why their bond works… And works… and works… and works. Admit it, you love watching the same sh!t over and over again and if you don’t.. you will after seeing this film



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