I vaguely remember the first time I saw this video. I was around the age of 7 years old and it was playing on what I’m sure was MTV (Yes… They did play music kids). Now I had been accustomed to seeing music videos on the channel that had the initial ‘M’ in the corner and there I was wondering just why they were showing a movie. Not that I minded, it was Michael Jackson so I was absolutely cool with it.  As time passed by and I smiled openly at the bloodthirsty zombies (I was a weird kid), I remember hoping it would never end. But alas it did and I remember throwing a fit begging my family to put the movie back on but DSTV EXPLORER was just a dream then so there I sat sulking waiting for the day when I would see such an amazing video again.

The day came and boy was I ecstatic. As I watched it, I remember thinking that this was what a music video was supposed to look like. A little drama and a dance sequence that had you taking down notes. Thirteen or so years later, I’m still taking down those notes as I wait for the day when I know the dance moves to a t. bet my life I’m not the only one.


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