Soaring through the skies I chase my dreams,
The rush of living a fantasy engulfs my soul.
Ignoring the warnings of reaching too high.
My fingers outstretched, touching the blue sky.

The world’s constant hate leaves me jaded,
With the impact of their words I lose my flow.
Images come rushing to me as my hopes float away
And my dreams shatter as I hit the ground.

My body trembles with disappointment and shock,
Whilst the world rejoices at another angel taken.
I look up and see the rest with their firefly dance
And smirk when another is hit landing with a thump.

My presence finds itself rooted to the ground as
The world’s words sink into my soul.
As I lay here allowing the bottom to make me
One of its own,
I see wings sprout up from a grave.

With shaky legs but a determined face,
The wings tremble as they slowly flap.
Her dreams are closer than they were before,
And she reaches out as her feet leave the ground.

Soaring through the skies I chase my dreams,
With one wing bent and a bleeding heart.
The scars on my body grow with every hate thrown,
But I ignore it as my hopes and dreams finally meet.


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