I cracked..

Okay before you go ahead and judge me behind your typewriter I’d just like to state that I was perfectly capable of doing this whole lemon fast thing.. that was until I referred to lesego (URBANIPPIE.WORDPRESS.COM ) as tasty as opposed to pretty.. and seeing my friends faces transform into pizza heads.. talk about rock bottom.

As my eyes slowly shut and my skin began to pale, hermz asked why I would put myself through this.. honestly?  Lately I’ve just been flooded by toxic and negative thoughts and it seems that the Lord hasn’t been speaking to me. No, I’m not training to become a nun.. simply put I felt like I couldn’t feel his presence and honestly my body, mind and soul just needed a cleanse.

So what broke me? Lesego mentioned that since I hadn’t done this type of cleanse before,  I should remember that the body needs carbohydrates so I should at least indulge in a slice of brown bread so I did.. except it was more of a chicken and mushroom pie..and a jungle oats energy bar..shut up I had my water with it.

I’m still going to continue my “fast” and see how far I can keep my body clean and healthy.. hopefully it rubs off on my soul. Prayer is the best medicine..

Purple tongues and red highlights…

PS I’m actually craving a bowl of Weetbix.. Watch this space to see if I fall…


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