Isn’t she lovely…


Here we have Neliswa (HA! I remembered her name..mainly cause she’s and my neighbour and one of my best friends but the point is I know her naaaaame)

I just hate people who use dreads as an excuse not to maintain their hair but luckily Neli keeps it nice and maintained and in  this case pushing it to the side with style.

I love that she shows her silly side whilst her nose ring glitters with pride (which is not an accessory for everyone cause most people look like a coin just sprouted out their nostril)

Yay for the dress. Beyond cute and form fitting. I love the pattern and the red tones it down and doesn’t make it too loud . I love her sandals as they’re cute and practical.

I’d just like the record to state that despite the fact that neli is my bff, I’m not being biased. And just in case you feel I am..Here’s a smily face 🙂


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