The morning brings a new day.
A day where the horrors of yesterday etch themselves into
today’s fears.
A day where the only thing left is my shadow clinging to life.
The whispers in the dark sound louder in my head.
I wait for the sun to set so that I can crouch back
into the darkness I call my life.

I am constantly showered with love as they sing my praises.
I ignore their words and watch as their masks melt from
their faces.
It’s easier to let me feel sorry for myself than to listen
their tongues twist In half truths.
My covers have become shackles that lock me down and my bed a box.

I remember the moment I lost my light.
The cup of coffee he brought quenched my lonely thirst.
I held it in my palm as the heat radiated throughout my body,
The smell had more than my senses tingling.

Overtime a cold draft engulfed me as the heat left my palm.
The coffee was stale and that is how he saw me.
He let me pick up the cheque so that he could buy her a cup,
The taste remained bitter in my mouth.

The smell of my pity party is burning my eyes.
My self-confessed misery has me too embarrassed to draw the shades.
I scoff at how small I have made myself,
All because of a decaf.

As I sit in the booth where my light left me,
The memories come flooding back as the smell of beans engulfs me.
A cup of coffee comes my way and I quickly brush it off,
‘No thank you. I can buy my own’.

And with a cheque in my hand, I place an order to myself.
The sound of the till fills me with empowerment.
With every sip of love, I realise that he didn’t take anything.
I have all the strength I need and I am all the love I deserve


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