We scare them.
Can’t you see?
They see black and white yet we dance
in the greyness of the rainbow.
Our shadows have more life in them than
their hearts can fathom.

Cages of our insecurities and our doubts.
Cages of our fears and self loathing.
They put us in cages and our shadows
shrink back into our souls.

They project visions of a dying breed.
We become attractions at the societal
mocking zoo.
They wait until our eyes dim then they set us free.

Upon release we fail to find the spark.
Never has the colour grey been so ugly.
The flow of our lips has our tongues twist.
Our shadows have been absorbed into our hearts.

We wander the streets looking for the light.
Look around yet so much formality.
A flash of colour appears.
On our heels we chase it down.

The colour seen wasn’t eye shadow or
A strip of hair.
The colour seen is dancing and twirling in the grey.
The colour seen is ignoring the leers and stares.
The colour seen is a shadow.

Amazed eyes watch as the grounds are filled with
Tumbling rays of colour.
The grey sky has never looked so blue.
I smirk as hundreds of grey opinions try to control
the colour infestation.
Yet many collapse into a puddle of their own filth.

The infestation has grown.
Many changed but some looked too good in grey.
They put us in cages of their fears and their insecurities.
But no matter how tightly they lock the doors,
Our shadows will always be out to play.


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