Fallen leaves and faded pictures.
A change in season, a change in feelings.
The bright flash captured my smile,
It also captured my soul and never let go.

Tears run dry and names long forgotten.
Present so vivid, conversations make you dizzy.
Echoes of laughter hold more merit than your wailing sobs.
Cheeks so flushed as your icy soul engulfs the room.

Haunted images of parties long finished,
Every corner holds secrets shared,
While every bedroom holds virtues lost.
If the walls stopped whispering,
you’d be lonelier than before.

The dust has settled as cobwebs trace your heart.
To keep the blood pumping, you hold yourself and imagine their presence.
Their incessant laughter and their mysterious eyes.
The way their energies remained even long after they left the room
and your Life.

A smile traces your lips as you feel their presence once again.
The house comes to life as your hauntings take the dance floor.
Never have you seen bodies flow so poetically to the music,
You are mesmerized by the flow of their hips.

You’ll always have the footprints they left on your heart.
You’ll always have the hushed words they whispered into your ear.
You’ll always have the colours of the pictures despite the faded edges.
You’ll always have the memories.`


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