Candy coated.
They planted candy coated kisses across my neck
as my eyes reeled back in ecstasy.
I long to fill the emptiness in my soul with each
Nameless face that passes through my legs.
After so long, moans escape my lips as I don’t bother
To remember their names.

Candy coated.
Their candy coated kisses leave me more naked after
Than I was during.
They care less about me than I do them yet I long
for their approval.
I hope one of them will find a light in my glossed over
eyes yet their eyes are shut in their own pleasures.

Candy coated.
Each shadow that passes through my life,
I use their kisses to build a wall around my heart.
No need for anyone to see what’s beneath my chest,
The treasure they desire is the more professional part
of my body.

Candy coated.
The taste of his lips melts my soul as they turn up into a
He asks for my name yet he and I both know that he’ll
be asking for something else later.
I accept his drink and we begin the motions that will
lead to his fulfilment and my demoralisation.

Candy coated.
The night goes on and not once has his fingers traced
lust across my thighs.
Not once has his mouth spoken to me yet his eyes
spoken to my chest.
My breathing becomes irregular.
The wall has been breached.

Candy coated.
His candy coated words leave me melted as he whispers
his devotion.
I try to brush it off and encourage his lips to go lower.
His persistence brings tears to my eyes as I hyperventilate.
For the first time in a while, I love the taste of candy.


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