The sand slowly drips as your lifetime slowly
Mistakes of yesteryear brought you to this
Which is the easier choice?
To hold onto it?
To allow it to become a part of you to the point
where all your tears run red?
To allow the cracks in your heart to be infested
by the darkness which will then fill a room every
time you appear?
To allow the light in your eyes to forever go out
and you spend the rest of your time blinded by
To use your body as a shell to keep the world
out and ignorant to your still beating heart?
To open the doors for people as they walk out
on you because they don’t know why you won’t
hold their hands?
To prefer to listen to your silent sobs every
night than to make someone’s day with your
To dance in the rain not to wash out your sins
but so that the sun doesn’t show the tracks on
your cheeks?
To spend your life surrounded by few but more
lonely than they’ll ever know?
To keep yourself in a box because when you
step out they’ll see vulnerability and you can’t
allow that.

Do you let it go?
Do you cry your tears of blood until they
become as clear as the sky?
Do you mend the cracks with assistance from
gentle hands?
Do you wear glasses to keep your eyes from
shining brighter than the sun?
Does your presence become a warm embrace
for every broken soul?
Do you open your arms and allow for people to
see the faded scars across your heart and arms?
Do you listen to your sobs accompanied by
soothing words as arms wrapped around you
promise all will be well?
Do you dance in the rain to show that your
raining tears did not take away your smile?
Do you break that box and use the pieces to
build a bench as you talk to a friend?
And do you surround yourself with so much
love that even in death you will never know the
word lonely again?

Me? I pick the easier choice.


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