What’s the worst thing about sequels? Everybody’s looking to cashing in on the first film’s success and Think Like A Man Too is no different. Ive never seen a bigger attempt at a cash in aside from when How I Met Your Mother went past its seventh season.

Admit it, no one thought the first movie would be as successful as it was (talking to you Steve Harvey). It grossed over $100 million worldwide and it seemed to cement Kevin Hart as a bonafied Hollywood star. So of course, a sequel was a definite. The first film, as well as this one, was directed by Tim Story who teamed up with Hart to work on the entertaining and hilarious Ride Along so of course this is a match made in heaven… or so you’d think.

Hart takes the job of narrator in the flick as he explains every relationship in his very own way. There is a reason for the film as mama’s boy Michael (played by E! Presenter Terrence J) is getting married to his cougar girlfriend Candace (Scary Movie’s Regina Hall). So of course the whole gang heads to Vegas (how original) for their respective bachelor-bachelorette parties.

Although the film has its LOL moments, it just fails at plot. Some people would say the saving grace of the movie was the cast’s version of Bell Biv Devoe’s ‘POISON’, but I say that it just proved the stupidity and pointlessness of the film.

My review is short because I’m trying very hard to ignore the fact that Kevin Hart would jump onto the typical Hollywood bandwagon of cashing in, no matter how much the sequel lacks flavour. However, I respect him for not forgetting his roots yet let’s all just forget this movie.

3/10(Minus 2 points for cashing in attempts)


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