So another X-Men movie that actually features all the characters we’ve come to love. However considering the last X Men movie that featured all the characters was X Men: The Last Stand, which had us hoping that it would be the last one; maybe we should dim our excitement. No, scratch that. This movie is freaking awesome.

Bryan Singer, who gave us the beauty that was X- Men and X2: X-Men United so there’s a certain feeling of nostalgia. He begins where Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class left us and the result is nothing short of a hilarious, action packed, well written spectacle. (Maybe if he directed the latest Transformers effort, my critic would have been much sweeter).

The plot sees BFF’s Professor X and Magneto team up in an effort to save the world (as per usual) by going back in time as they send the only mutant that could survive the journey; enter the high haired, knife-knuckled, self healing saviour to the mutant world. Hugh Jackman once again reprises his role as Wolverine for the (counts on fingers) sixth time(not counting his First Class cameo). In current time, the world has become nothing more than a post apocalyptic, mutant graveyard with flying robots called Sentinels whose mission is to completely eradicate any creatures holding that special, extra gene. With the aid of Kitty Pride (Ellen Page.. would have been hilarious if Juno gave birth to a mutant), they send Wolverine’s consciousness back to the groovy seventies to stop President Nixon from approving the Sentinel plan hatched by Dr. Trask(Peter Dinklage or as I prefer to call him TYRION. The man is great.)

Jennifer Lawrence reprises her role as the blue beauty Mystique as she is a prominent factor in Wolverine’s trip down memory lane. Wolverine gets help from the younger versions of the two besties (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) who are a little… estranged (Well considering the way First Class ended, that stands to reason). This results in them breaking Magneto out of a prison under the pentagon for a crime I don’t think anyone should take credit for. This action results in the best scene of the entire movie with Quicksilver (played by American Horror Story star Evan Peters) aiding them in a perfectly crafted scene.

Although some will view X-Men: Days of Future as the movie to keep the franchise’s fans busy until X-Men: Apocalypse, this movie can surely stand on its own. It’s funny, exciting and has a few lines that the comic books fans will definitely appreciate (Like Quicksilver’s’ paternity)



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