No one knows me better than the darkness.
It’s where I thrive.
It’s where I was born.
It taught me its ways.
It taught me how to hide every emotion and feeling.

The light burns.
It showcases every scar and every scab the darkness hides.
I fare better in the dark.
I become the hunter and my fears the hunted.
My veins shoot with adrenaline as I chase them.

The darkness allows me to be alone.
The sun’s rays are a constant reminder that my shadow
knows my secrets.
The feelings of companionship disappear as soon as the sun
I run alone.

Dusk is perfect.
Free of leers and glares.
Free of future broken promises.
Free of judgement.

The darkness hides everything but not the truth.
My horrors will always come out to play.
Why does light burn?
It burns away the terrors that I have become a part of.
It burns them away and leaves nothing but ashes of jaded

If they no longer exist,
I’ll have to wait.
I’ll have to wait for sunrise and for the glow to lead me into
darker, uncharted territories.
I’ll have to venture into happiness.


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