So apparently even Disney villains have feelings too.

Angelina Jolie is already beautiful enough and when aliens invade the earth, I’m certain they’re use her body as a host. So add red lips, cool wings and twisted horns and you got a top ten in the medieval realm. However,  the chances of this movie receiving a ten from me are as big as me encouraging Nicki Minaj’s antics.

The plot sees the titular character living in the moors which is home to other warped fairy creatures whereas the humans stay clear of that. However things quickly change when pubescent Maleficent falls for trespassing human boy Stefan whose adult version will be played by South Africa’s own Sharlto Copley.
Like typical Hollywood marriages,  the love quickly fizzles out as war breaks out between the two realms (shocking). Although I think for Maleficent,  the last straw was when Stefan cut off her wings for a cosy King’s crown . In retaliation,  she puts a curse on his newly born daughter Aurora.. blah, blah, blah.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You’d think the movie would then delve into details about the various ways that Jolie’s character instills pain and suffering on Stefan’s family but instead she finds herself watching over Aurora as she grows up assuming the role of the most awkward godmother ever.

Director Robert Stromberg already has two Oscars in his back pocket but not for story telling. For art direction in Avatar and Alice in Wonderland but I wouldn’t hold my breath in him getting an Oscar for this job.

Elle Fanning’s role as Aurora is more of a  supporting act and actually quite hilarious as she never stops smiling (makes me wonder what would happen if I gave her one does of crack..what? It’s a thought)

The movie is somewhat more visual and less coherent plot but in a way, it works perfectly.  Possibly due to the fact that Ms. Jolie is simply majestic at what she does, regardless of what Sony emails think of her.



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