Anyone who’s watched Kevin Hart stand up comedy knows that despite his height,  he is a bundle of energy and that can be way too much.. especially when he’s the lead in a movie. Thankfully,  Ice Cube is there to cool things down.. Sorry, I just had to.

The movie, directed by Tim Story(the jerk who gave us Think Like A Man Too) sees Hart’s character having just been accepted into the police academy and ready to prove himself to Cube’s character James both
personally and professionally as he plans on proposing to James’ sister thus he’s all for going on a ride-along with the veteran officer. (Denzel Washington anyone? )

Kevin Hart is a new idiot and although you can see some of the comedic scenes coming (like when Hart picks up a shotgun and the shooting range) it doesn’t take away from the film.  Or maybe it does but all the movie did was capitalise on Hart’s personality and even that is barely tolerable at times.

I enjoyed the movie. It was refreshing,  not as funny as Walk of Shame but meh.



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