Oooooh scandalous

It’s been good year folks filled with great movies and great flops. But what would the entertainment world be without celebrities doing what they do best; make us regret following them on twitter.
So in case you’ve been living under a rock or are still hungover from Christmas,  lets count down my top 10 scandals of 2014;

10. The Real Drama of New Jersey

For a popular BRAVO TV couple, reality just got a bit too real. Joe and Teresa Giudice of the show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” were sentenced to prison after being convicted for multiple fraud charges. Teresa is facing 15 months and is set to begin her sentence in a few days on 5 January 2015. Joe will begin his 41 month term as soon Teresa has done her time in the prison that spawned the idea for hit show Orange Is The New Black. Furthermore,  the pair will to pay $414 000 in restitution.

9. Solange “vs” Jay Z

Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z are to some the perfect Hollywood couple and are more or less considered American  royalty. Therefore,  when an elevator video leaked in May showing Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange attacking Jay Z, the Kingdom was in uproar.  The fight occurred after the Met Gala so maybe Jay Z didn’t compliment her outfit enough,  I don’t know. Regardless of the fight,  Solange has stated that all is right in the royal unit and Beyoncé has even addressed the incident in the remix for “Flawless”. However,  maybe things aren’t all that well in the Kingdom as Matthew Knowles has gone on record to state that the fight was staged in order to boost slacking tickets for the “On The Run Tour”.
Mission Accomplished.

8. Iggy Azalea vs BET

Somehow one of 2014’s biggest stars became the most controversial.
The diva became the first artist since the Beatles to have her first two singles take the top and second spot on the Billboard chart at the same time respectively.
But, the fact that Azalea is white, Australian and didn’t move to the USA until she was 16 showcases how she appropriates the black culture in her rapping as well as lifestyle. Some have not taken kindly to this ranging Azealia Banks(who hates everyone) to Tyler the Creator as well as getting support from Will.I.Am and her spokesperson,  TI.
I’m not the biggest hip hop fan but but that Grammy nomination for best rap album.


Bryan Singer is known for hits such as The Usual Suspects and most of the X-Men movies but the world never thought that he’d be given the title of child molester.

In April,  Michael Egan III claimed the director had molested him at a party in 1999 when he was just 17 years old. Singer denied the allegations and the civil lawsuit was eventually dropped.  However,  it has been claimed that Egan accepted a $100,000 settlement cheque from the director but then quickly backed out. He tolddb Vulture in September that this story is far from over.

6. Celebs Take It Off!

2014 was not a good year for the Internet in Hollywood.

A slew of naked pictures of celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Gabrielle Union to Rihanna (ain’t nothing we ain’t seen before) were leaked by hackers on website in September.

Lawrence called the incident a sex crime.

5. The Life and Times of Amanda Bynes

I remember when I was younger how I always wanted to be Disney starlet but looking at Lindsay Lohan and the legendary Miss. Britney Spears,  I’m lucky my wish hadn’t come true.

What would the year be without a celebrity breakdown?  Aside from Shia LeBoeuf’s antics the most memorable one, or one we’d like to forget is Miss. Amanda Bynes. Ranging from her wanting Drake to murder her vagina as well as detailing how she wishes to kill her family. It seemed that she was finally getting the help she needed in  both July and October when she was placed in a involuntary psychiatric  hold following a week where she sent someone’s lawn on fire.

Her life is still a roller coaster but reports state that she’s apparently lucid and healthy.  Let’s hope her 2015 is better.

4. There Goes Honey Boo Boo

The popular TLC reality show that showcased a.. unique family involved in the world of child pageantry (which I still say is breaking some form of child labour laws) was quickly axed when it was revealed that the family matriarch June “Mama June” Shannon was in a av relationship with a convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.  Worst part? He allegedly molested her eldest daughter Anna Marie “Chickadee” Cardwell when she was no more than a child. Turns out Mama June has a type as another sex offender is the father to her daughter,  Pumpkin.

The family has been involved in public spats and Dr. Phil episodes which seems to have left them even more broken than before.

3. The Sony Hack

Yep, can’t hide anything these days.

In November Guardians of Peace,  an anonymous hacker group, decided to leak private Sony emails that revealed information ranging from the salaries of Hollywood biggest stars to emails where they basically said Angelina Jolie is a talented stuck up.. sorry, this is a family blog. They also took spoiler alert to a new level as they revealed plans for future films like Ghostbusters and Spiderman.

However,  the story gets even stranger as the USA has decided to blame the cyber attack on North Korea. Now why would Kim Jong-Un do anything like that? Well it might have something to do with the latest Sony picture starring James Franco and Seth Rogen that depicts the fictional assassination of the Kim Jong-Un.. maybe I don’t know.  The cyber group then demanded that the film be pulled from theatres or we’d be experiencing a 9/11 attack at the film’s premier. There may not be anything such as bad publicity but maybe we’ll make an exception for this. The movie was pulled but eventually had an online release so.. Watch this space.

2. Stephen Collins Lives Through His Own Seventh Hell

We all have that tendency to see the actor as the actual character they are portraying and 2014 has definitely taught us not to.

In October,  it was revealed that 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins had been involved in some inappropriate behaviour with three underage girls.
The actor, who portrayed a pastor, was heard on tape, during a therapy session with his estranged tape, admitting to molesting three girls.

Since then,  reruns of his popular show have been pulled from TV.
God forgives but Hollywood,  not so much.

1. Bill Cosby Becomes Worst Dad.. Ever.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall”

Bill Cosby is one of the most iconic personalities not just in the African American realm but in the whole entertainment business.

In recent months, more than 20 women have come forward to claiming that the big star sexually assaulted them using methods of drugging his victims.
Of course Cosby has denied these allegations but.. where there’s smoke,  there’s fire.

The fallout has been horrible with NBC cancelling an upcoming series in which Cosby was to start in as well as reruns of his hit show,  The Cosby Show being pulled off the air.
It seems that this story is far from over.

So, what has 2014 taught us? The internet in the least safest place to keep personal things as well as, the character you portray quickly disappears behind closed doors.


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