Like a thief in the night, he crawled through the
And breached the walls of my heart.
Stares and whispers seemed to warn me of the
impending doom,
But the loneliness in my arms brushed off their
My more coherent mind switched off as the
longing in my heart became the voice of reason.
My lips finally met a match but it failed to ignite a
Spark in my chest like Disney promised.
No longer was I a supportive bridesmaid,
it was my turn to be the lady in white.

His kisses weren’t that sweet but they left me longing
for more.
His stare wasn’t that intense but I never managed to
look away.
His game was not that expert but I found myself
needing to play.
And his charm always fell flat but I couldn’t resist.
The time came when his inner self was revealed but
even then I was rooted to the core.

The loneliness was too hard to bear so he was my
wish and I his command.
No matter how hard I scrubbed, I never could wash
away the dirt he placed on me.
The stares and whispers no longer warn me but
shake their heads at how stained the white has become.
I search the aisle for the man in black and my walls
collapse on my heart as I see him zip up her dress.

Tears like jaded knives surge through my body as I spasm
In pain.
The ghostly feel of his fingers continue to dance across
My thighs.
The memories so embodied in my soul that they can be
Seen through my eyes.
I yearned so hard to be an angel in white that little did I realise,
Once a bride, never again a bridesmaid.


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