What’s that ringing? Oh it’s just the after effect of being surrounded by pubescent white girls as the world’s biggest boy band takes the stage in a moment that can never be re-enacted. Not only was it One Direction’s first show in South Africa, but it was also their first show without former band member Zayn Malik who recently quit the teenybooper world.

The concert was slated to begin at 18:30, but certain people are heavily affected by African time thus I and my hyperactive niece only made our way into the packed FNB Stadium in Johannesburg  at around 20:25 and guess what? We have better time management skills than the British. As the 95,000 crowd (those tickets sold out faster  than the Justin Bieber tickets becoming the fastest selling concert EVER) sang along to whatever song blasted through the speakers the stadium, known affectionately as ‘Soccer City’, darkened at 20:30 and erupted as the four took the stage.

They began with one of the four to five songs I actually know ‘Steal My Girl’ to a very enthusiastic crowd. The most memorable performances were ‘Midnight Memories’ and ‘Kiss You’. They also seemingly dedicated one song to their departed band member.

The band took time in between songs to talk to the crowd and thank them for waiting for them (5 minutes) as well as how beautiful Johannesburg is(I’m pretty sure they didn’t see ALL of Johannesburg) and how we were their favourite crowd(ncaaw. I bet they say that to everybody). They boys also insisted that they couldn’t pass up the perfect opportunity to do the Mexican wave, which I must say looked pretty cool. Furthermore, the camera scanned the crowd for signs and landed on one that said ‘Rapunzel let down your hair’ with a perfect picture of Harry Styles. However the best part had to be when they inquired if it was anybody’s birthday (who would have thought that 95,000 people were born on 28th March?!?) and sang a sweet birthday song to a ‘Savannah’. What a story to tell the class on Monday morning right?

All in all it was a great show; regardless of how little of a fan you are as the stage presence the four boys have is beyond comprehension. There was a group of girls nearby that screamed throughout three songs that they didn’t even know existed. Yeah. Teenagers.

For videos, please refer to my instagram account; Pie Mully


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