A promise was made the day the message came
that I was to arrive.
When they put me in his arms, he promised to
protect my innocence.
As nights passed by, he would watch me sleep with
the light on.
Then one day, he stepped through the light.

Nine years later after that first promise was made,
puberty had moulded itself onto my hips and my
He stepped into the light to strip my innocence away.
He lifted me up as he always had but instead of
putting me down, he put me on his lap.
He promised me heaven but put me through hell.
There was another light, and he stepped through.
But this time it wasn’t him
It was my father.

Not the father that let his flesh succumb to his sinful
But the father that so loved the world that he sent
his only begotten son to die for our sins.
Not the father that stripped away every piece of
clothing I wore but the father that watched as whips
stripped away his son’s skin.
Not the father that pinned me to the bed and
whispered meaningless words but the father who
watched his son pinned to the cross.

As that man whose blood I am bind by had done,
This father made a promise.
A promise to never leave me nor forsake me.
Yet I could not do it.
I could not sign my heart over in exchange for a
promise that could be broken at the snap of a hymen.

He showed me miraculous signs but daddy was
always good at magic tricks.
Yet there was one thing He did that no other man
could have done,
He taught me to love and more importantly, he
taught me to forgive.
To not only forgive the ones that had left their
fingerprints all over my body but also the ones that
would make my body a crime scene.

As he opened my eyes to his majestic view,
I made a promise to follow his word and obey his
And unlike dearest daddy, that is a promise I will keep.


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