You string me along as effortlessly as
You string your words with emotions
Running down your tongue and into
My soul quenching the thirst that has
Been mine since I learnt of fairytale
Endings and big white weddings.

You lit a match in my chest and it
Travels between my legs and my
Body heaves and the temperature
Rises begging for the moisture off
Your lips.

You twist and turn my insides out
And my  features fall as my heart leaves my soul
And my body becomes a person I don’t recognise.
The fault is my own.

Your hands are clean yet mine are stained as I
Try to stop the flow of my heart down my chest.
You gave me a choice but my mind left my body
So all that was let to do was drink the water you

As I lay dying images of my moment of weakened
Stupidity came rushing back at me and I cry out.
I cry out for that one piece.
My heart has been shattered into millions of
Pieces that Cain will spend eternity looking for yet all I
Desire is that one piece.

Well done.
Your fingers move across the piano and you played me
Like a lust filled symphony and only I can hear the notes
For the world will never know of my shame.
Well done.
For you are my versatile prince.

You wear a crown of broken hearts on your head
But nobody died and made you king.
So watch as I dethrone you,
Slicing off your manhood and wearing it with
Pride on my chest.


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