I see the curve of your lips and the outline of
your hips as they sway side to side dulling my
senses and emptying my pockets.
The length of your hair and the stride of your
legs as you walk away begging me to follow.
The shape of your breasts pushed to the sky
and drawing my eyes down and onto a path
of destruction.
The batter of your lashes and the lust in your
eyes beckoning me forward.

To some, your mate is God and Fifty Shades
is your bible.
Shattered hearts have you looking for the
pieces in all the wrong knights.
Quick to kiss frogs just to get a semblance
of a happy ever after.
Be my princess.
Praise me as your King but only after I treat
you as A Queen.

I see the tracks on your face and the strength
in your eyes as you push forward.
I see the dust on my knees as I bow down to
your beauty.
I see your wounds heal as I show you the same
ones I bear.
I see my mother’s face as I wrap the whole world
around your finger.

The battle of sexes rages on but women you shall
alwaws win because only you can show me how it can be done.
Only you can show me how to love.


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