I ask the mirror to show me my true self but all that
is reflected back is the cracks I covered with a fake
smile on my heart.
Your footsteps long faded as you walked through
the door but night after night the memories linger on.
The winds whispers to me your coming presence so
I wait in the cold, waiting for your smile to warm my
soul as it did before but you never come.

My heart has shattered into millions of droplets and it
falls onto the ground like the rain we once danced under
yet like we could never catch all the droplets in our hands,
and I will never be able to find all those pieces.
Faded pictures show the time passed since you took a
piece of my soul and never looked back yet I wait up all
night to hear you creep through the door and put it back.
I wait for a return that I know will never come.

No matter how many smiles I draw on my face,
as the sun sets, the moonlight shines on my faded
grin and reality sets in.
You are gone.

You left without a word yet my throat chokes with all
the sentences I would have used to string you and tie
to you to my heartbeat.
You are gone.
Leaving behind not a legacy but an emptiness that
only you would have been able to fill and tears only
you would have been able to dry.
You are gone.

As the autumn leaves fall in sync with the ticking
of the clock,
I realize no matter how much time passes,
You are gone but you are forever with me.


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