Is anybody out there?
Can anybody here the beating of my heart?
It matches the rhythm of your soul
The music calmly entwines itself around my
neck and slowly chokes out any drain of sense
and thought.
Like a zombie, I dig myself a deeper hole,
knowing fully well that I shall share the grave alone.

The silence strengthens as the night stretches on,
My friends have all gone, they deserted me well.
My emotions had left me,
The tears had run dry.
They saw me as a battered soul,
Wishing I could fly.
I was no longer the soul they had fallen in sync with,
I was trapped in a place where everything I saw I
considered filth.
I wanted to run, to be free of this pain but I was
stuck hoping with this pain, strength I would gain.

The chiming of the clock,
The greys in my hair.
Footsteps long faded and memories long forgotten.
A tarnished caterpillar, tainted and twisted, cocooning
herself with mistakes, regrets and shreds of shattered tears.
Breaking through the wall of doubts.
Spreading wings open and floating into the night air with a
life well lived tattooed on her wings for all of the world to see.


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