Remember when Ben Affleck was Daredevil?  Despite the nightmares it gave critics, I actually enjoyed him in the red latex outfit with the horns.This movie title has everything to rival Stan Lee’s creation so why does it fall flat?


Christopher Nolan was a genius and he and Christian Bale worked flawlessly together, whit help from the Late Heath Ledger so I understand that Sack Snyder has huge shoes to fill but it can’t be that hard. This is the man who gave us 300.. It’s also the man who gave us Watchman so we only have ourselves to blame for this chaos.

Henry Cavill returns as the one superhero who will never wear contacts. Recently Cavill admitted that he takes roles for the monetary as opposed to the artistic reward which makes sense considering he took this one! Ben Affleck however, does make Gotham’s most unstable orphan his own. As per story, Bruce Wayne has loyal butler Alfred (Jeremy Irons) in his corner whereas Clark Kent has Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in his. The two protagonists..or is it antagonists..I digress..Bruce and Clark are introduced  at a reception hosted by Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg) who, like us, is  hellbent on viewing the ultimate DC showdown.

Despite the obvious plot fails, everybody wanted to see this film purely for the fight scenes.  Wonder Woman’s appearance certainly didn’t hurt the situation.

Despite my heavy criticism, this film managed to set box office records earning $166 million in North America in its opening weekend,the seventh biggest opening of all-time, shockingly earning more than Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises which only earned $160.9 million. Furthermore, fans seemed to enjoy this film thus maybe it truely does have the potential to give Marvel a run for it’s money..


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer


Snyder, Z, 2016, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Hollywood. DVD.




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