It’s been quite a weekend with the release of the latest film in the Marvel franchise as Captain America: Civil War hit theaters. My review of the film will be up soon, but for now let’s begin with Sunday’s best.

Hey look, Bran is walking. Wait, what? And he’s home..Wait, what?! Yep, it’s true, Bran is walking and he’s back at Winterfell..Watching his father and uncle sword fight whilst his aunt rides a horse. Confused? He’s time-traveled psychically, with some assistance from the Three-Eyed Raven. After watching his father spar with his Uncle Benjamin, Bran  is introduced to a young Hodor..who speaks! Of course, before he can see any more, the raven pulls him back and Bran finds himself against a tree in which the three-eyed raven calls home.. and he’s still crippled. Although he hasn’t learnt much, it’s refreshing to see he’s been keeping busy since he was last seen in Season 4 such as growing like three feet taller!

Back at The WallJon Snow is still dead. And the ones who stabbed him are in a serious rush to burn his body. Whilst Ghost and Davos guard his body and prepare themselves , Alliser Thorne and the other traitor black brothers try to break in. Just when it seems all hope is lost, they’re saved! No, not by Jon Snow, he’s still dead but his good deeds live on. The Wildings he saved, have banded together to repay their debt and they brought a giant with them. Three cheers for the Wun-Wun! Admittedly the black brothers are a little unsure if they can hold their own, that is until the Wun-Wun grabs an archer and wacks him against the wall. Soon enough, all weapons are dropped to the ground and the traitors are quickly locked up.

.giphy (2)

But Jon Snow is still dead so boo! Speaking of wacking things against the wall..

We find ourselves back at King’s Landing where a drunk begins to tell a crowd how he flashed Cersei Lannister during her memorable ‘walk of shame‘. He goes to take a leak only to turn around and face the new and ‘improved’ Mountain who swiftly crushes his head. It’s clear that Cersei is wasting no time in her revenge plot. She clearly has the free time since King Tommen banned her from attending her only daughters’ funeral, for fear of her safety. Ah, our sweet, sweet king. Upon his father/uncles insistence, the young King makes his way to his mother leaving Jamie Lannister with the High Sparrow, who welcomes Jamie’s threats but also subtly reminds him just how powerful he truly is.  Once Tommen approaches his mother, he asks for her forgiveness and pleads that she aid him in becoming a stronger King. Oh boy, it’s clear that there’s a war to be fought and the Sand Snakes will have to wait.

Back in Meereen, after much drinking, Tyrion Lannister decides that maybe all the depressed dragons need is a little TLC which is understandable considering their mother abandoned them to fly off with their big brother. He ventures into the dungeon, and after much internal praying, he presents himself to the dragons who don’t seemed intimidated. Somehow, they seem to connect on the fact that they’re both outsiders. Tyrion quickly unshackles them before waddling off and telling Varys to never let him do that again.

Back in Braavos, Arya is still blind but after a test of the wills, Jaqen H’ghar removes her from the life of a begger but still won’t give her her eyes back. Can’t win them all.

We then find ourselves at Winterfall, the real one not Bran’s dreamy one, with the Boltons. Roose is doing his best to team up with the Stark’s former bannerman and it’s clear that he’s getting tired of Ramsay’s sadistic nature making its way into the “war talk”. However, he soon relaxes when he receives the news that his wife Lady Walda  has given birth to a healthy baby boy. After the news is announced, he decides to hug his psychopath of a son who stands to lose everything due to the new born baby. Yes, not the best idea. As soon as Roose tells Ramsay that he’ll always regard him as his first born, a gasp is heard and there is a brief moment of confusion in regards  to who stabbed whom. Eventually Roose pulls away and we see that Ramsay has just killed his own father. He tells the witness in the room to spread the news that Roose Bolton died at the poisonous hands of their enemies. He also asks that the witness bring Lady Walda and the newborn baby to him. Oh boy. Ramsay leads the mother and her newborn baby into the area where he keeps his vicious dogs(And once Theon). After much pleading where Lady Walda states that the newborn is his brother. Ramsay smirks and claims how he prefers to be an only child, before setting the dogs on them. Although Game of Thrones is known for its violence and brutality, it was refreshing to not have to see that murder on screen. But the screams still haunt me. Well, the North is now in the hands of a sadistic psychopath. Ned Stark is rolling in his grave.

Speaking of the StarksSansa Stark listens as Brienna recounts the last time she saw Arya. As they prepare for their journey to The WallTheon tells Sansa that he can’t go with them or face Jon(who they don’t know is dead) as he is still too ashamed of his sins. With a broken heart, Sansa asks where he will go and he answers simply; home. I thought he was home.

giphy (3)

Cut to Pyke where Yara Greyjoy argues with her father, Balon before he storms out onto a rocky bridge during a heavy storm.Lo and behold, he finds himself face to face with his long-lost brother, Euron who proclaims to tell him that he’s reached his expiry date. And to make his point, he flings him over the side into the waters and rocks below. In his defence, Balon did pull a knife on him but still.. This episode should be titled “Knives and Betrayal“. If you think this is good news for Yara, think again as she has to be voted in to become Queen and cannot access the throne by lineage.

Back at The Wall, Ser Davos asks a younger and demotivated  Melisandre for her help in bringing back The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Davos pleads with her and ask that she not believe in her flames but in herself as she is the one who showed him miracles. With much hesitancy, she agrees. She washes his body of his wounds and trim  his hair(Thank God not all of it) before throwing it into the flames. After a repetition of chants and an uttered ‘please’, Melissandre leaves deflated as does everyone in the room leaving nothing but Jon’s dead body and a sleeping Ghost. It’s clear that Melisandre has lost so much faith in her ‘Lord of Light‘ that.. Wait! Did Ghost just move? Why is he waking up? Why is the camera zooming in on Jon’s lifeless fig..HE’S ALIVE!






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