You were known as the silent killer
and I was warned to stay away.
Your hands were marked with the
black loneliness of distressed damsels.
The shattered pieces of broken hearts
lay at your feet like a dark mural.
Eve may have led Adam to the forbidden
fruit but you intended to lead me to something
much, much sweeter.

Words flowing off your lips smoother than a waterfall.
Selling more dreams than a successful sangoma.
You presented a rose to me but my eyes were not
blind to the thorns hidden inside.
You treated our love like a chess move so I
assumed the role of the Queen.

Growling like a wolf yet fetching the sticks I threw.
Thunderous like an avalanche yet always melting
in my presence.
Always in the limelight but readily prepared to be
my shadow.
Helen may have launched a thousand ships but
my face overthrew a heartbreaker.

You were a conductor but I took control and wrote
my own masterpiece.
I cut the strings you tried to pull and left you
hanging by a thread.
The King of the Jungle has become nothing but
a rug on my floor.
But hey.. at least you still keep my feet warm at night…


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