Ladies and gentleman,
boys and girls of the world,
This is an announcement.
We are at war.
Prepare for battle,
For these are fighting words.

Sharpen your knives and use them to slice
through the ignorant chains that block their minds.
Free them of the illusion that the mounds
on my chest devalue my status.

Lace up your boots and begin the walk
to knock down every locked door.
Kick the goalies balls to remind them
that the V-strip is not an international airport.

Hunt down the mercenaries and thieves who
rob the world of purity and innocence and
ignore their slogans of,
“She looked old enough. Man, it doesn’t count.
I didn’t even come.. back to check on her.”
Blow your whistle and take out the boxer who
hits ‘til the knockout round with blood staining
his knuckles.
Start a fire and burn the pages with those
distorted barbies for God will be your cover girl.

We are mothers who are fathers.
We are queens who rule kingdoms.
We are the ladies who gentle men.
We are soldiers.
So I ask you,
Do you accept this mission?


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