Okay, so it’s been trending on twitter for weeks so it’s my journalistic licence to give this topic my two cents.

Blessers have taken over the world ladies and gentlemen. Okay, maybe not the world just South Africa. Let’s be honest though, it is not uncommon for young girls to find themselves in a… Arrangement whereby an older gentlemen offers to pay for everything under the sun in exchange for their…  Services. So if these transactions are so common, why all the fuss? Let’s break it down shall we..

I for one shall respect any woman who owns not only her beauty but her sexuality as well. Every day, we hear tales of how men not only objectify woman but also try to assert their dominance by stripping them of their dignity the only way they know how. But enough about little boys and their mummy issues. These young ladies believe that they have goods to exchange and why not go for it? Men continue to objectify women in the sense that without their looks, they have no value and with the right looks, you can obtain the world. Thus who are we to shame girls who are willing to profit from this form of sexual capitalism?

Let’s be honest; Not everyone grew up with a full DSTV bouquet and with the state of the economy, we can hardly judge anybody who attempts to find a shortcut to feed themselves as well as their family back home. As long as they’re not hurting anyone right?.. No, not really.

Casper Nyovest recently released a music video where he was burning textbooks. A high school dropout who is now one of South Africa’s biggest Hip-Hop artists is burning textbooks in his new music video. A South African artist whose audience majority consists of individuals who went out of their way to advocate #FEESMUSTFALL has decided to burn textbooks in his latest music video. I remember when music videos were there to send a message. What’s the message? To hell with education? Cultural imperialism is a process whereby one country dominates other countries’ media consumption. In English? Basically why so many girls a few years ago incorporated the term ‘Barbie’ into their Facebook profiles because Nicki made it look cool. ThisBlessers phenomenon is nothing but cultural imperialism at its best. Kim Kardashian literally has the best life on Earth because she chose to hit her peak on camera so why not us? Like I said, I fully comprehend that not everyone had the luxury of KTV and sometimes people do have to do some things they’re not exactly proud of but to go on national television and proudly proclaim yourself as a prostitute is insane. My twitter feed isn’t filled with thieves proclaiming what they stole the night before in order to survive so why are you on my timeline?  No, listen; You are a prostitute. You are sleeping with him and he is giving you money. Only difference is instead of looking for them on street corners, they’re now found in Varsity parking lots. The relationship a relaxer has with your hair lasts longer than this ‘partnership’ ever will.

This is not helping the already skewed perception of women by the way. It’s not enough that we’re rated on our beauty but now men will probably compare us to the car meters they have to pay in order to park their cars. Hell, at least they can go for a ride in their cars.

Funny enough, if you ask your Uncle Baes to buy you a R100,000 Michael Kors bag, you’ll get it in an instant. However, ask that same Uncle Bae to pay for your R60,000 degree and watch him refuse adamantly. Newsflash girl, no one wants a blow up doll with a brain. So do yourselves a favour; Whilst he’s passed out after having his way with you, open a savings account and fill it up with every cent and rand you can find. If you’re not going to invest in your future, what’s the point of all this?. Oh right, because our value is determined by how many likes we get and how long our names trend on Twitter. My mistake, continue enjoying your freedom so many fought for in order to capitalise on seeing a grandfather’s ecstasy face. As you were…



2 thoughts on “Blessed Be The Golddiggers For They Shall Inherit Herpes…

  1. Are you okay? Haha…. the title choked me from the moment I read it. Yoh girl! That is quite the insight and objectivity ( the bits I could see) on such a EISH YOH! of a topic. A moving piece. I enjoyed the little bursts of your characater that came through as well 🙂


    • I particular liked this piece. Young boys also have these so called “Blessers”. Its sad to see our generation reduced to a bunch of drones that only serve the highest bidder. Is this is what they refer to as “Sexual Freedom”?


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