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Okay, so last time I was here, I was admittedly upset. A year of waiting and then what… Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch Jon Snow decides to get rid of the first part of his name. Bastard. Anyway, I promise to keep my cool this time. Onward we march…

One thing that seems to be a common theme in this show is family loyalty (whether it be the breaking of or strengthening). What is also clear is how siblings find themselves ripped from each other’s arms but in the latest episode, the writers are attempting to fix that.

The episode opens with Jon Snow about to leave his post when he hears that the gates are being opened. The way my heart rose when I saw Sansa‘s face. Leisure fans will not know the joy that engulfed me when I saw her enter that place. Not only was she finally, somewhat, safe but she was seeing her family for the first time. The last time she had seen any of the Starks was back in Season 1 and that honestly feels like a lifetime ago. The two (half) siblings reminisce about the good ol’ Winterfell days and Sansa announces that she plans on taking back her home, with or without her brooding brother’s help.

SIDENOTE: Am I the only one who noticed how Tormund was looking at ‘The Great Beauty’ Brienne of Tarth? New couple in the midst? It could work.


Speaking of Brienne she wasted no time in making herself at home, doing her part to inform Davos and Melissandra that she was the one that personally exterminated the last of the Baratheans.

Back in the Eyrie, we find an all grown up Lord of the Vale, Robert Arryn who clearly still misses his mother’s left breast and the look of utter despondent is clear on Lord Royce’s face. Do I hear horses? Ladies and gentlemen it is the most dangerous man in all of Westeros, Petry Balish AKA Littlefinger arrives bearing gifts. He presents Robert with a falcon as his name-day gift, and Lord Royce quickly questions Littlefinger about Sansa ending up in Winterfell when it was his job to take her to the Fingers. Littlefinger merely smirks and shows just how much power he holds by having Robert threaten Lord Royce with the Moon Door and a sullen Lord Royce soon recants. If that’s not enough, he even gets Robert to declare that they need to help Sansa get away from the psychopathicness (not a word) that are the Boltons. Well it’s about damn time…

Once a Lannister, always a Lannister. Watching Tyrion hold court with the Masters of the other slave cities in hopes of persuading them that it be in everyone’s interest to peacefully phase out slavery shows just why he was perfectly qualified for his job as The Kings’ Hand. We all know how that ended though… Anyway, it’s refreshing to see that Missandei has some hope in him… Just some. Grey Worm, not so much.

The show is keeping with the theme of family reunions with finally reunion Margary and Loras and it’s clear that Margary is the one who has any balls in this family. She tells him to man up (lol) and get his shit together because it’s going to be a long ride. Hell, even Cersei and Olenna Tyrell are putting their differences aside (for now) to deal with the bastard that is the High Sparrow.

OSHA! Oh, it’s so refreshing to see you after so long and… That devil Ramsay Bolton just stabbed her in the neck. And now he’s using the same knife to cut an apple. So you just brought her back to get stabbed in the neck. Why do I bother?!
Theon is finally back home in Pyke and his sister, Yara isn’t exactly doing cartwheels. The last time she saw him, she was trying to save him and that didn’t go down so well. Also, him arriving back home right before the Kingsmoot?


She has no interest in Reek and asks Theon what he wants,

You should rule the Iron Islands” he says. “Let me help you.


it's about to go down


Cue the most awkward dinner in Game of Thrones history. Back at Castle Black, Sansa and Brienne, Jon, Dolorous Edd and Tormound are ‘enjoying’ a meal. The men all dig in while Sansa plays with her food and attempts to figure out exactly what she’s eating. Across the table, Tormund presents the most hilarious moment of the episode by eye-flirting with Brienne. Again, this could work! Eventually, dinner is interrupted with a letter from Ramsay who wants his wifey back. The letter practically oozes of his ewwness,

“You have betrayed the North.  Winterfell is mine, you bastard, come and see. Your brother Rickon is in my dungeon. His dire wolf skin is on my floor. Come and see… Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.”

 It takes some prodding from Sansa for Jon but this means war.

The title of Khaleesi has not reigned so true until this episode.

Jorah and Daario arrive at Vaes Dothrak to rescue her but let’s be honest, all they did was bask in the glory that is her awesomeness…ness.

The Khals have the power in deciding her fate and they’re not exactly fond of her considering how she didn’t join the Dosh Khaleen following Khal Drogo death.

In the meeting to decide what to do with her, the council presents her with the option of being raped by everything under the sun, including their horses. Daenerys politely declines of course and give them a better option. Lighting up the temple like the 4th of July. The temple is soon in flames and all of Vaes Dothrak watches as flames lick the night sky. But wait, what is that moving shadow? It’s Khaleesi, bitch.

Daenerys walks out of the temple naked but completely unharmed. Oops, she did it again although last time she had dragons to keep her company.

So where to now? Meereen… Or Kings Landing?





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