Twist’d Pieces

*sneeze *
Bless you

Yes please

No no that’s not what I meant 🙄

I am a product of mtv.
I am the curves of the Kardashian dream.
I am the mind of the trending hashtag.
I am the first prize aimed at the highest bidder.

I need you to realise and see
Just cause you got some base doesn’t make you mtv
See past this facade of a Kardashian lifestyle
Make your dreams worthwhile and worldwide

My father cannot fund my dreams but he builds a paradise.
My mother cannot sew my dresses but he builds a runway.
My brothers cannot feed me much but he fills my stomach.
Who are you to judge a lady in the hustle?

That paradise is an illusion
That runway only leads to one conclusion
Don’t feed your tummy, feed your mind
Feed your ambition
Make the most of your time

We are a perfect match.
I’m just as pretty as his wife.
I’m just as young as his child.
I’m just as smooth as his hands.
I fit perfectly in his world.

You are more than beauty
You are more than bae
You are more than the simple things they say

He kisses and hugs but I feel so naked afterwards.
He swipes and swipes but somethings money can’t buy.
I have been blessed but why do I feel so condemned?
When you’re struggling you think
You need someone else to stop the struggle
Conditioned to believe you need a significant other to up your worth,
With that mentality things can only get worse

You are strong
You are resilient
You are loved


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