So I’m a little emotional after last week’s episode and granted, that paralysed little sh!t isn’t exactly my favourite person at this point but hey.. that’s not going to stop me from watching now is it. This week’s episode was a little slow compared to the last five of the season but exciting nonetheless…


Still lost in vision world, Bran Stark, AKA the Three-Eyed Raven is chilling on the sledge as Meera pulls him away from the danger that is the wights. While in the vision-world, he sees a summary of the enitire show, even before the first episode of Season 1. Blink and you might miss it;

Did you catch all that? Let’s break it down…

  •  We finally get a vision of the notorious ‘Mad KingAerys Tagaryna aka Daenery’s papa. Who shows his insanity by screaming ‘burn them all’. Nice. Aerys had his pyromancer place wildfire errwhere in King’s Landing and sensing rebellion, he ordered that it be liiiit! We also see Jamie Lannister earn his moniker Kingslayer by stabbing the psycho in the back before taking a seat on the throne which is apparently how Ned Stark found him. Funny enough, we see the pyromancer preparing the wildfire but then we also see the wildfire spreading.. which didn’t happen in reality. Does Bran know something we don’t?
  •  We then see Daenery’s rebirth which happened at the end of season one but whoa.. what is that shadow above King’s Landing.. Do you see it?
  •  We also get to relive the suffering of the Starks by seeing Ned, Robb and Catelyn Starks’ deathsThanks, I really needed a reminder of that. However, we also possibly see the death of Lyanna Stark. Young Ned is seen asking for his sister at the Tower of Joy before this scene pops up;

Bloodied hand in Game of Thrones vision

  •  There’s more flashbacks with us seeing the creation of the whitewalkers as well as last season’s episode ‘Hardhome where shit really went down. We also get this scene of the the White Walkers watching the wall and basically saying; we’re coming.


  • Bran sees himself falling from the tower and one has to realise if he finally remebers that it was Jamie who pushed him after time. 
  • Furthermore, throughout the images we keep seeing flashes of the whitewalkers, dragons and wildfire. Guess it really is a Song of Ice and Fire..Yes, I said it.

SIDENOTE: Notice how we hear Aerys shouting “BURN THEM ALL” whilst we see white walkers. Maybe he wasn’t that mad afterall.

Meera soon gives up, bursting into tears and Bran opens his eyes and simply states. “They’ve found us“. Oh hell.. Just as all hope seems to be lost, a ninja on a horse shows up. Okay, he’s not a ninja but the way he takes out the wights using some form of meideval  lamp was pretty badass.

On the journey to HornHill, Samwell Tarly and Gilly are discussing how they’re not going to tell the Tarleys that Gilly isn’t exactly from Westeros. Oh boy. Melessa Tarley and her daughter welcome the couple with open arms but daddy Tarley.. not so much. During the family dinner,  Randyll Tarly calls his son fat and basically regrets not pulling out. He also finds out that Gilly is a wilding and ends up banishing Sam from HornHill. Really great fathers in this show eh… Sam finally grows some balls..sorta and decides to leave with Gilly and Sam Jr, taking his father’s Valyrian sword with him. He’s probably gonna need that soon.

Over in Braavos, Arya Stark/’no one’ decided to finally accomplish her mission. She sneaks backstage and puts poison into Lady Crane’s rum. On her way out though, she bump into the actress who turns out to be really nice and suupeer awwwwwesoooooome. Not being able to bear it, Arya smacks the drink away from Lady Crane’s hand and warns her that the actress who portrays Sansa in the play has not so nice intentions. Aww, yay Arya is still Arya.. and The Waif knows it. She was spying and soon reports Arya’s failure to Jaqen H’gar who gives the hater permission to kill Arya. Oh boy.. Meanwhile Arya finds needle still in her hiding place and prepares for a serious battle.

Over in King’s Landing, The High Sparrow being the softie that he is allows for King Tommen to see his wifey Margaery before she gets neked. She actually seems.. okay. Even goes as far as to praise the religious basterd. Eh..okay. Meanwhile her father Mace Tyrell and Jaime Lannister get their armies ready and they march up to the Sept of Baelor where Margery is to begin her walk. The High Sparrow smartly calls it off.. Yeah, you thought you were a starring. Thought you were Van Damn. He tells everyone that Margaery has already atoned for her sins and then King Tommen walks out and basically says that the church and the state are now BFFs.  This is so not the Lannisters year.


Tommen goes as far as to strip his uncle-daddy of his post as a Kingsguard. That should have been done a while ago to be honest.. Jamie is still in service to Tommen jus not here.. Basically, GTFO of King’s Landing. Where to? Riverrun of course. Isn’t someone else headed there?


Cersei tells Jamie not to worry and asks that he “show them what we do to our enemies“. Yes, it’s almost time for her a trial by combat but why worry when you have The Mountain.

The  last time we were at The Twins, my heart shattered into a million little pieces. Here we are again with Walder Frey who is not impressed with losing ‘his’ catsle to the Blackfish. He orders his sons to take back the castle and gives them the hostaged Edmure Tully to help.

Back in the forest, the ninja who saved that paralysed prick and Meera reveals himself to be good ol’Uncle Benjen who could have looked better to be honest. He looks a little..pale. Apparently he was stabbed by a white walker and was saved by The Children of Forest who placed a piece of dragonglass in his chest. Oh wow. Anway he tells Bran to ‘bird-up’ and fully become The Three-Eyed Raven cause in case he hasn’t realised, there’s a war coming.

We find the spawn of Aerys Tagagryan, Daenerys, trying to figure out her next move until she gets distracted by something. She leaves for a sec to investigate and soon Daario Naharis gets worried. Just as he’s about to run after her, she comes back.. On Drogon who’s been eating cause boy has put on some weight, Good Lord! Whilst on Drogon, Daenerys gives a very ‘THIS IS SPARTA‘ speech and basically tells her khalasar to get ready because..well.. there’s a war coming and Drogon is ready to burn..them..all.


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