That is how you like me.

Our skins become as one.

Breaths caught in our throats and heartbeats racing.

Our long, beautiful dance.

Then the credits roll and you leave,

For I am not her.


She can’t love you like I do.

She doesn’t make your temperature rise with one touch.

She doesn’t know the path to your heart.

My ears are filled with your promises.

My dreams are filled with your face.

One day I will wear her ring,

One day I will carry your name.


Everynight my knees are ashy with my begging pleas.


Everynight you become a writer, filling my mind with words.

Not yet.

For I am not her.

When the moon flees from the sun in the sky

And touches your face

When you open your eyes do you see me in her place?

When the moonlight shines down and we dim the lights,

While we dance under the covers, Do you prefer her skin to mine?


My weakness is strong.

My body is weak.

My bed is cold.

And my shame is great.

For I am not her.


My heart has been tamed and filled with your soul.

I refuse to share you

I want you for my own

But like a drug you have me patiently waiting for my next fix.

I can’t leave you.

I cannot go

So I will share my piece of you and stay.


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