Does anyone know you went to church today?


When you were screaming Hillsongs during the service,

does anyone know that on the car ride over, you were tryna

make it work work work work work?


When you were praising that young girl’s testimony, does

anyone know that as soon as you were out the door you were

telling all your friends that she’s a huge ghost fire?


When it was time for tithes and offerings and you quickly let

the basket pass you by, does anyone know that you were in

the club having the patrons tryna build a sinful Noah’s ark?


When you’re letting Facebook know your location every

Sunday morning, does anyone know why you’re not tagging

the location from the previous night?


When you’re telling the entire dinner table about your

latest fast, does anyone know that you’re eating more than

an Adam’s apple in your room?


When you’re creating Godly soul ties in your church, can

anyone see the ungodly ones that you wear around your neck?


Reciting the ten commandments and ticking them off one

by one but does anyone know that that’s the only verse of the

bible that you remember?


Jesus was many things but he was no playwright.

He need not write down his deeds for it was written in

his essence so I ask you; did you go to church today?



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