I threw a pebble into the fountain but found myself
drowning under all my unfulfilled wishes.
So, I pulled out a pen and wrote my own princess
The only fairy tales heard were the ones I spun
and used to tie you to my feet that you worshipped
so heartedly.
You truly believed our love was snow white but it
was clear that you were battling more than an evil

My lips were the sweetest taste but it was a mere
distraction from the bitterness in my soul.
You praised my beauty but I fed off your
insecurities and sweet nothings.
The roses bloomed with every sun-ray but the
thorns were quick to come out in my presence.
You spoke of grandchildren and rocking chairs but
I huffed and puffed, blowing out every wish on
your birthday cake.

I was not the damsal stuck in a tower, waiting for her
prince to come slay the dragon and set her free.
I was the beast locked inside a beauty waiting to
rust the armour of her shining knight.
Ignoring your friends warnings ringing in your
ears, you kissed my lips and woke up a monster.
You bit into my core and it became a nightmare
that I refused to let you wake up from.

We reached the final chapters of our story but I
still had ink left.
I still had tales to spin to drive you dizzy and over
the edge.
All those broken promises from my past had found
their way to my present gifting me with your
broken spirit.
Alas, I close the pages on the chapters of our tale
and pull out a fresh page.
I throw you back into the waters and begin the
search for my next charming victim where plenty
of fish await me.


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