You have been with me since the genesis and

this is my revelation.

Our bodies tangled in bedsheets but your soul

dances around mine, refusing to connect.


My body heaves with thirst but in your presence,

I am love drunk, leaving only bitterness in my cup.


With every heartbeat, your poison runs freely

through my veins but I refuse to follow grandpa’s

advice and swallow my medicine.


You are my kryptonite, crippling my logic having it

lose all reason and all that makes sense is how

perfectly my hand fits into yours.


I have loved you on my own.

You have not raised a finger to keep me by your

side but as soon as you speak, I am at your feet.


I ignore the various fallen petals around your

chamber and plant my own flowers in your garden,

knowing fully well that they will never grow yet

continuing to water them with my sweat and tears.


The storm rages around me, my shame wetly

clinging to my body yet I stay put waiting for a

rainbow to dance over me.


Only you can present me with a paradise while

putting me through hell.

Only you can heal my wounds while scarring my soul.

Only you can lift me up, battered and bruised.

Only you.





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