I want to dance under the rainbow

without having cried you a river.

I want to brave the new day without

having to carve yesterday into my skin.

I want to open up my heart without

having to bounce everyone away.


I want to live in my own personal paradise

without having to crawl through the darkness.

I want to be able to smile for the world without

having to skillfully draw it on my face.

I want to be able to bask in my skin, without

being accused of loving the sun.


I want to feel the wind on my face without it

blowing my dreams away.

I want to create new memories without

tending to open wounds.

I want to rock my body with music and not

with heavy sobs.


I want to selfie-stick my dreams into a

reality and not be an extra on the set of

somebody else’s happily ever after.


I want to heal but the rush of cold metal on my skin..

The taste of salt in my tears..

The solitude of my lonely heart and the silence of my laughter..

I want to heal, but I’m better when I’m broken.


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